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As you can see, I’m not really using this blog much. It’s difficult to find time to post blog content when there are so many other things to write, and so many social media alternatives for getting my thoughts out there quickly.

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Life updates!

Remodeling the bathroom continues to keep me busy! You can check out what I’ve been doing on my home renovation blog, Associated Fugues.

Gaming-wise, I’ve mostly been helping out with some copyediting for the Baker Street RPG, which looks pretty cool (and which I was a Kickstarter backer for, as well as a stretch goal author).

The next Corporia RPG mini-supplement is progressing slowly, since figuring out how to add some new firearms – without altering the game balance – is more difficult than I expected. I tried so hard to cover everything in the core rulebook that I made it hard to add something new! I have enough ideas for new archetypes that could fill my 16-page minimum, but I want to add a mix of different rules and not just new character types. So it’s coming – it’s just taking a little longer than I expected, what with all of my other projects.

And on a related note, if you have anything to suggest for this or future Corporia supplements, please let me know!

A Mixed Bag (Baker Street, Corporia, and new podcasts)

thin man

“Darling, are you packing?”
“Yes dear, I’m putting away this liquor.”

The Thin Man

I’ve just got a handful of little news items to mention today, so feel free to leave your seatbelt off.

First of all, I’m getting fairly close to finishing up the stretch goal mini-adventure I’m writing for the Baker Street RPG, thanks to some good feedback from the designers. Barring any unexpected problems, it doesn’t look like I’ll have any difficulty wrapping it up before their internal deadline. So, good news on that front.

Once I finish that, then I can start on my next Corporia RPG supplement in earnest. I have lots of notes and ideas, but I’m not sure exactly what’s going to be in it. I promised a basic supplement with new archetypes, weapons, etc., but I’m strongly considering putting an ‘arcane’ spin on it. The problem is that I have ideas for a handful of new magical character archetypes that would require making new spell disciplines – but the core disciplines may cover those spells already. We’ll see how that goes after I ponder it for a while.

I also have a couple of new podcast recommendations for you. If you’re into classic (b&w) films and old time radio shows, you should give a listen to the Attaboy Clarence podcast. It’s humorous, informative, and most episodes conclude with a particular radio show episode. The host has also produced some very nice documentary episodes – one on the Sherlock Holmes work of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, and another on sex and sexuality in old ‘pre-code’ films.

The other new podcast I’m enjoying lately has been Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks. The two hosts and occasional guest spend a month reading bad or controversial books – like the Twilight saga, Fifty Shades of Grey, and various ‘bizarro’ fiction – while fortifying their nerves with alcohol. They then record a very entertaining episode where they discuss/rant about what they’ve just read. I love it, but it’s not safe for any of you who are easily offended.

Okay, that’s it for now. I hear the doorbell ringing and it’s probably Santa Claus. Late again.

Corporia down Baker Street

The Corporia RPG cover!

The Corporia RPG cover!

It took most of my spare time for the last two-and-a-half years, in-between home repair, job hunting, and a new baby, but now I’m proud to announce that Corporia is finally finished and available for sale as a digital PDF on! (If you were a Kickstarter backer at the $15 or higher level, you received a private Kickstarter message earlier this week giving you a special link for a free download.)

The press files have been uploaded to the printer, and barring any problems I should get the limited edition hardcovers shipped to me sometime in April, ready to mail to Kickstarter backers in May as expected. I’ve also sent the remaining (print) stretch goal to presss – the quick reference card/bookmark for Knight-level and higher backers! Don’t picture a playing card, though! It’s actually a full-color, two-sided 4″ by 8″ rack card on 80-lb card stock, so you don’t have to squint while reading it!

I do still have several digital reach and stretch goals to complete over the next few days, weeks, and months. The character dossier, for instance, is scheduled for March release and is nearly complete now. None of the other goals had defined release dates, so I’ll knock those out as soon as I can.

Of course, what kind of writer would I be if I weren’t filling up every spare moment of time baker_streetI could find? A sane one, probably. But since I’m not, you’ll also be able to see my work in the upcoming Baker Street RPG, currently with 71 hours remaining on Kickstarter! Once they reach $30,000 (and I’ve no doubt they will, since they’re at over $26,000 now), I’ll come on board to write an extra adventure for the book. I’m been a devoted Sherlock Holmes fan since I was an grimy unwashed moppet dashing over the cobbled streets of old London town (or thereabouts), so I’m very excited to be a part of this project. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so at the link above.

I’ve also updated the Brabblemark Press website! If you’ve visited the site before, you’ll also see that I’ve redesigned it! Not that there was anything wrong with the previous version – a friend of mine and I spent a bit of time designing it in advance of the Kickstarter launch, and it looked great, but with my time so constrained I needed a new template that would be easy for my novice web skills to update without having to learn any new programs or deal with FTP and such. So that’s good news for me, and everyone else who’d like to see the site updated on a regular basis! The latest update adds some media links to older podcast interviews, if you have some time on your hands in the car and want to know more about Corporia that I haven’t covered elsewhere.

So keep your sword swinging, and I’ll see you next time!

38 Hours and Counting!

We’ve gotten a nice surge since yesterday’s update, and Kicktraq is estimating at 93% now, so we’ve still got time to reach our final goal! Woohoo!

I’ve already linked to Epic Turn’s previous “Kickstarter Watch” of Corporia, but the guys were also kind enough to have me on as a guest on their newest episode #18, “Knights in Shining Armani”. This was a fun episode, and since Tim and Bryan also happened to have a copy of the alpha playtest version, the conversation goes in various directions that you might not have heard if you’ve already listened to me on other podcasts.

Now let’s talk about the Lister. I originally had this archetype in the supplemental material, but I swapped it with the “Drone” shortly before the Kickstarter launched. The Drone as written then just didn’t stand apart enough from the Radical and the Zero, and needed a retooling. Fortunately, I had the Lister ready to take its place, and since the similar “Rockerboy” was a classic Cyberpunk character, I thought the Lister would be a good fit for the core rules. Check out the full text on the Kickstarter update #27 page!