About Mark

Being an unemployed person, I’m going to utilize this space to pimp myself out. You see, I’m a professional writer and editor looking for a thriving company that needs someone who knows how to write and, presumably, edit professionally. Fortunately for the-company-that-is-yet-to-come, I’ve got a degree in communications and a portfolio with hundreds of published credits, most of which were written in a fun, casual, and informative style.

I’m also that guy with the strong work ethic and incredible organizational skills. It’s proven by the fact that when my last employer had to reduce staff numbers, I shouldered the responsibilities of at least a half-dozen full-time employees simultaneously. By streamlining and re-organizing those duties, I not only met all my obligations, but exceeded them by reducing time and expenses spent. Of course, now I’m laid off as well, but it just means that I’m slavering to bring my experience to someone new.

Besides manuscript writing and editing, I know copywriting, content management, social media support, circulation and vendor support, product management, office administration, event planning, production design, art direction, and more. To put it another way – I can do anything.


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