First Look: MASHED playsheet draft

I’m making good progress on my Korean War RPG (working title still: MASHED), based on the Apocalypse World engine. I’m almost finished with the second draft; I just need to edit a little bit of text and include rough layouts of the hospital tents, camp, and both basic and deluxe playsheets. Here’s what I have so far for the deluxe playsheet. Any thoughts?





6 thoughts on “First Look: MASHED playsheet draft

  1. honoraryknightandrew

    Mark, The MASHED playsheet draft looks clear and information is easy to find.  I’ve heard people say Apocalypse World is a good engine, but I just don’t get how it works from reading the Dungeon World game system that I own. So, something like your Corporia layout and introductory text might be helpful to players unfamiliar with the ‘Powered By the Apocalypse’ engines.

    For the game, are you trying to cover the world of the movie and TV show MASH, or will you go beyond the late 1940s and early 1950s Korean War since we still have troops on the Korean border? You got me at least on the ‘throw a buck’ level if you crowdfund this!


    1. Mark Plemmons Post author

      Andrew, thanks for the feedback! the basic AW rules are: roll 2d6 (10+ = success with no consequences, 7-9 = success with consequence, 6 or less = bad failure). The MC/GM determines the consequences. The game will cover only the recognized period of the Korean War (June 1950 – July 1953), not beyond it. I’m planning on a big open playtest first, then a crowdfunding campaign to cover art and book costs.

  2. Mark G

    Nice idea..’The Forgotten War’ should be very interesting for an RPG…the Apocalypse World engine is also a nice choice…read through Dungeon World rule book, but never played it or Apocalypse World…looking forward to seeing what you do with it…any help i can provide..just ask…


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