The Infinite Flashpoint Convergence of New 52 Secret Wars (A Rant)

The last issue (#8) of DC Comics’ Convergence series releases today, and… I couldn’t care less. It’s quite possibly the worst ‘summer event’ line that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read almost all of them. Almost every issue (and I’m including the various two-parters as well as the main book) suffers the ultimate crimes of being boring and/or confusing to the point of utter incomprehensibility. Sadly, I don’t have much greater expectations for Marvel’s currently ongoing Secret Wars event, based on what I’ve read so far, even though I usually enjoy Jonathan Hickman’s work. It may just be that I’m tired of the whole ‘throw a bunch of heroes together and make them fight’ concept. Also, as has been said elsewhere, “The main thrust of the story is simple enough, but you may have to consult a wiki to fill in most of these blanks.” It’s not easy to jump in.



It’s not that I’m biased against the ‘Big Two’. Over the years, I’ve been alternately (and sometimes together) a Marvel zombie and/or a DC fanboy. Even now, both companies still manage to produce a handful of great series that are creator-driven (like Astro City or Powers) and corporate-owned (such as Hawkeye and Thor), though the latter seem more like happy accidents of putting a solid writer (or writers) together with a good art team – rather than any kind of actual editorial direction from on high.

Looking over my current reading list, I’m slightly surprised to see how many great titles are being produced by Image Comics, a company once famous more for their adolescent-appealing artists rather than the stories, as they churned out their own ‘variations’ (aka inspirations aka ripoffs) of Marvel and DC characters. Birthright, Bitch Planet, Chrononauts, Jupiter’s Legacy, Saga, Sex Criminals, the Walking Dead, and many other good to great series are a testament to what a comic company can do when they focus on just providing interesting series, rather than being enslaved to continuity and a shared universe.

So. That’s my rant for the day. What do you think?

edit: I’ve gone back in and added hyperlinks to various reviews on other sites that match my own thoughts


3 thoughts on “The Infinite Flashpoint Convergence of New 52 Secret Wars (A Rant)

  1. Vulcan Stev

    Ummm… Why do you think the summer “events” are currently boring. It looks like you’ve got a great opening to a blog post here but nothing beyond that.

    List some examples of the boring and or confusing parts.

    Why are Thor, Hawkeye, Astro City, and Powers superior to anything else put out by the Big 2?

    I’d like to know your reasons for the rant.

    Again you have a nice opening but nothing of substance here.

    1. plebotamus Post author

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Really, it’s all personal preference. I don’t have the mental energy to go into much detail beyond that; that’s why it’s a short rant. I’m not a comics review blog – I just wanted to get it off my chest. I’m not interested in writing a thesis to convince anyone of my point of view. Maybe I’ll go back in and throw in some hyperlinks to other sites that have gone into much greater detail, but the thought of having to re-read Convergence to pick out specific examples of what I disliked would just be torturing myself again.

  2. HBKnight

    I gave up on superhero comics several years ago, and continuity (or lack thereof) was a big reason why. Also events that changed the status quo but were retconned fairly quickly (I’m looking at you “Brand New Day”) just grated on my nerves. Whenever a big change happens to a character you can always bet on it reverting back within a year or so. Fans shoulder much of the blame for this, because they whine and complain vehemently whenever their favorite characters aren’t exactly as they want them to be, but so are the executives in charge who don’t want to rock the boat when it comes to marketing and merchandising. So why bother reading stories where the characters aren’t allowed to learn, grow, and change? I used to love the original Valiant Comics universe, where every issue had a time/date/location block in it, so you knew when and where stuff was happening, and all the other comics agreed with each other. That was awesome to me. But since that was nothing more than a fun experiment that ultimately failed (thanks Acclaim!), I’ll be sticking with my indie comics.


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