RPG Design Concept: Slimline Boxed Sets

I was browsing the children’s section of Barnes & Noble with my daughter last week, and ran across this interesting bit of packaging. (It was lying on the20150309_165516 floor empty, so I’m guessing some child snatched or mislaid the contents, but you can see them in the product page on Amazon.)

I think this could be a really attractive way to market RPGs, particularly to the younger audience. It would be great for small pamphlet-sized games and paper minis, but I suspect the manufacturing and distribution costs would be too expensive for most companies outside of Wizards/Hasbro. Another problem is that, with this size, you’d also have to use smaller-than-normal polyhedral dice if you wanted to include them in the packaging.

With all that in mind, I don’t expect to see this type of packaging used for RPGs anytime soon, but I’d love to see someone track down a way to do it effectively.20150309_16553320150309_165540





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