Corporia – Agents of Change (and not the small kind)

Here’s a look at the draft cover of the next Corporia supplement, which I’m planning to release in the first quarter of 2015. The actual title may still change, since I’m a bit concerned that the cover implies a product that’s entirely based on spies and spycraft. Although there’s a Spook archetype inside, that isn’t the case. Alternate title ideas include: Fringe Benefits (there is a Fringer archetype inside too), Hazard Pay, and Trade Secrets.

I’d love to hear what you think!

agents draft cover


4 thoughts on “Corporia – Agents of Change (and not the small kind)

  1. Alan

    Based on the Corporate theme of the game, Trade Secrets appeals to me the most.

    Have you considered offering these as a Print on Demand option? I’d love to be able to get the expansions in book form.

    1. plebotamus Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I do plan on offering Print on Demand for the core book (first) and the supplements (later), and I’ve been working on it a bit already. The main reason for the delay is that the original Corporia hardcover was (as I recall) 6.625″ wide x 10.125″ tall, but this layout needs to be readjusted to 7″ x 10″ for POD. That means moving all the art and text by a few fractions of an inch on every page, and then fixing any reflow errors like bad paragraph breaks. I hope I’ll be able to also release PODs in early 2015 as well as the supplement, but we’ll see. “Agents of Change” (or whatever the final title is) will be designed in a 7″ x 10″ from the start.

  2. HBKnight

    I love the just barely noticeable dragon in the background. Nice touch. I like “Agents of Change” as the title for a character supplement, “Hazard Pay” would make a great name for a module; “Fringe Benefits” and “Trade Secrets” would seem to work more for a supplement themed around just skills, powers, equipment, etc. But that’s just like, my opinion man.

    Keep up the great work Mark! I really like this game!


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