New Corporia review and PDF update!

If you received a digital PDF copy of Corporia through (or affiliate like, then you may receive an email today informing you that the PDF has been updated!

(My apologies if you’re getting this information elsewhere – either from Kickstarter and/or DriveThruRPG – but there may be some of you who’ve turned off your email notifications for those sites.)

You can get the updated PDF now at your “My Library” page on that store site. The PDF change list is as follows:

  •  All page numbers in the Index are now hyperlinked to their respective sections elsewhere in the book
  •  All items in the “Inspirations” appendix are now hyperlinked to their individual Wikipedia or other pages
  •  A sentence now appears in the preface explaining why some text is highlighted in yellow

These are small changes, but good ones! I hadn’t originally hyperlinked all the index items because there were sooooo many of them to link, and I honestly thought it was an unnecessary step with a digital edition. However, based on the reviews and comments I was clearly wrong! Everyone appreciated the extra linking and layout work I did throughout the rest of the book, and thought it was odd that the index wasn’t the same – so in a way I sabotaged myself, which is kind of amusing.

New Review

There’s also a nicely detailed review on Red Dice Diaries’ YouTube page, if you’re interested in checking that out. If you’ve already read the entire book, a lot of it will be stuff you already know, but it’s still nice to get another person’s opinion – and he might point out something you missed!

Also, don’t forget that you can keep up with all of the Corporia reviews on the site in the “Reviews” section here:

The Next Supplement

As you’ve seen here on the blog, I’m trying to include a good mix of new rules and information in the next supplement, so if you have suggestions to offer on what you want to see, or you’re just curious about what pieces I’m working on, please feel free to keep in touch here, or using Kickstarter or any of the following social media links:

Right now I’m struggling through adding some new specialty firearms without making them too powerful or invalidating other already-existing weapons, and I think it’s going well. More on that as it develops!

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