Life updates!

Remodeling the bathroom continues to keep me busy! You can check out what I’ve been doing on my home renovation blog, Associated Fugues.

Gaming-wise, I’ve mostly been helping out with some copyediting for the Baker Street RPG, which looks pretty cool (and which I was a Kickstarter backer for, as well as a stretch goal author).

The next Corporia RPG mini-supplement is progressing slowly, since figuring out how to add some new firearms – without altering the game balance – is more difficult than I expected. I tried so hard to cover everything in the core rulebook that I made it hard to add something new! I have enough ideas for new archetypes that could fill my 16-page minimum, but I want to add a mix of different rules and not just new character types. So it’s coming – it’s just taking a little longer than I expected, what with all of my other projects.

And on a related note, if you have anything to suggest for this or future Corporia supplements, please let me know!

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