Elmo’s Necronomicon

My daughter is now 17 months old, and after an encounter with Sesame Street is now requesting “tee vee” (aka “Elmo!”) several times a day. Though the AAP recommends holding back on screen time before age 2, we’re allowing her just one episode per day. It’s a nice time to snuggle while simultaneously expanding her horizons as we ‘discuss’ things on the screen. We don’t just plop her down in front of the screen and walk away.

Anyway, the last time we watched the Elmo’s World segment it was all about ‘skin’ (Netflix: season 36, episode 13). Okay, fine, kids should know about skin – but books bound in human skin? With a face? AKA the “Evil Dead” film version of the Necronomicon

"Elmo, don't listen to it! It's EVIL!" is what the lizard sadly did not say.

“Elmo, don’t listen to it! It’s EVIL!” is what the lizard sadly did not say.

Yes, that’s right – Elmo meets a book made from human skin (and a chameleon, but that’s not unusual now).

The episode aired in 2005, so if you’re a geek-parent you may easily have heard of this before now, but it certainly caught me by surprise and I felt it was worth sharing.

I don’t suppose there’s an episode featuring Cthulhu rising from Oscar’s trash can, or Big Bird being revealed as the King in Yellow, but now I live in hope.


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