My 2014 ENnie Award Predictions!

For those of you who are keeping track, here are my predictions for this year’s 2014 ENnieennies_logo awards. (The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (the “ENnies”) are an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming. The ENnies give game designers, writers and artists the recognition they deserve. It is a peoples’ choice award, and the final winners are voted upon online by the gaming public.) Voting runs from July 20-30, 2014, and the 2014 ENnies ceremony will take place on Friday, August 15 at 8 p.m. in the Union Station Grand Hall at Gen Con Indy. Then we can see how I did.

Of course, I’m not intimately familiar with many of these products, so a lot of my predictions will be guesses based purely on the amount of internet ‘buzz’ I’ve seen for these games over the last year, as well as the name recognition of the brands and designers. So, my guesses here aren’t necessarily what I voted for, though I will give some shout-outs along the way.

Best Adventure (I haven’t played any of these.)

Best Aid/Accessory (Numenera also has a really good shot here through name recognition and fanbase devotion alone.)

Best Art, Interior (A wild guess here, since I’ve only seen plenty of Numenera interior art and a little bit of Shadowrun. These companies should have posted interior art on the page links they provided to the ENnies website. It’s impossible to vote objectively if you haven’t seen the product.)

Best Art, Cover

Best Blog (Since I have friends and associates with multiple “competing” blogs here, again please note that these are not necessarily my personal rankings – just my best guess on what will get the most votes based on my estimate of their fanbase and the blog’s past ENnies performance.)

Best Cartography (What I can see looks fine, but none of these really make me sit up and go WOW! Also see my interior art comment above.)

Best Electronic Book (Even though I’m biased, I really do think my Corporia RPG deserves the Gold for striving hard to improve and innovate the electronic book format (see my previous post). Except for Emerald City’s included ‘Hero Lab’ files, I can’t tell that the other books have any special or unusual electronic production elements.)

Best Family Game (Another new edition of Fate, while cool, doesn’t really strike me as a “family” game – though its numbers of fans might easily push it to Silver or Gold.)

Best Free Product (Tough one here. I think Chaosium takes the Gold, but the Silver could go just about anywhere.)

Best Game (Here’s another one that could depend heavily on the individual company fanbases.)

Best Miniatures Product (really wild guessing here)

Best Monster/Adversary

Best Podcast (None of the podcasts I really like made it onto this list, though I have been meaning to check out my guess for Gold. To be fair, I can also see my Gold and Silver guesses getting swapped.)

Best Production Values (Here’s yet another tough pick that could easily be decided by whichever fanbase votes heaviest. See again my comment about interior art, though.)

Best RPG Related Product

Best Rules (Fate probably has this one wrapped up, just by being Fate. I didn’t pick a probable Silver since I can see it going anywhere in this category.)

Best Setting (I love love love classic western Deadlands, but Noir leaves me cold, and so I wonder if there are enough Noir fans to push it into Silver.)

Best Supplement (I haven’t used any of these supplements, so it’s another wild guess using what I know of the fanbases.)

Best Software (I haven’t used any of these, either.)

Best Writing (Here’s another where I can see my guesses for Silver and Gold being swapped in the final results.)

Best Website (I have to wonder what truly defines ‘Best’ in an individual gamer-brain. Is it graphic design? Functionality? Content? All of the above? This is a hand of wild cards.)

Product of the Year (This is the big one, and there are lots of great candidates on this list, so it too could go in any direction. I think Fate and Numenera are the most likely voter candidates for Gold, with either of those then dropping to Silver. Otherwise, I think Shadowrun and Achtung! Cthulhu also have a good shot at the Silver. Any of the others could be breakout surprises, though!)


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