A Gender Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

“I’m more man than you’ll ever be, and more woman than you’ll ever get.” – Rent (2005)

Last week, I mentioned some of the effects that one little paragraph in the new D&D basic rules PDF has had in its online fan tumblr_mvcin9aRk51rtz5oto1_CROPPEDforums and message boards. It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s more debate regarding this section than with any of the actual game rules.

From what I’ve seen, and without access to polls and statistics, it seems like the majority consensus is in favor of its inclusion – which is where I stand, for the record – though there’s also a fair amount of gamers stating ‘who cares? I just want to play the game’ in that majority. Stances against the paragraph seem to focus more on rejecting a ‘politically correct agenda’ on philosophical grounds, instead of rejecting it for moral or religious reasons – though those viewpoints exist as well.

Here’s the section in question:



Funnily enough, the Knight-Errant archetypes in Corporia can literally be medieval male or female souls awakened in a modern body of the opposite sex! Of course, my game doesn’t have the name recognition and history of D&D, so the outrage meter so far still stands at zero.

Here’s that section:


from Corporia page 41

Still, even if I’m not the target of the slavering masses, I can proudly announce that Corporia got nominated for an ENnie award this week! Voting will open on July 20th and run through the 30th (so I’ll provide the link in a forthcoming post).

I’ve been fortunate enough to be the co-recipient of multiple ENnie and Origins awards, thanks to my decade with Kenzer and Company, but Corporia is my first 100% solo project, so being nominated is really an honor. There are lots of amazing games on this year’s list, and it’s great to be among them.


from the ENnies website

Whoops, there’s the phone again. I’d better go. I’m trying to get an Amazon warrior through Amazon.com and for some reason I’m encountering resistance.

Be seeing you!


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