Kickstarter Update: Hardcovers Shipped!

All of the Corporia hardcovers have shipped! 

Well, okay, there’s one hardcover backer who never responded to the survey or any other messages (that’s you, Mr. C.B., if you’re reading this), but otherwise all copies went to the post office yesterday. Yes, that’s right – one month early (April instead of May)! While shipping early isn’t a Kickstarter first, it seems to be rare – and I won’t deny that I’m very proud to have accomplished that for all of you who had faith in me.

Each hardcover is signed & numbered within a range of 1 to 200, and includes a special quick reference card/bookmark (roughly 4″ x 8″). Those of you who requested/backed the personalized notes add-on also got them.

Shipping: US copies were sent Media Mail (estimated 2-8 business days). International copies were sent via First-Class International (estimated 7-21 business days). Please note that these are only very rough estimates, and some books will take longer, suffering from delays at the various post offices and processing centers the books will travel through. If you haven’t received your hardcover by the end of the estimated time, please wait at least another week (7 days) before messaging me about a missing book. I’m happy to replace any lost or postal-damaged books, though I will probably have to ask you to pay some or all of the shipping & handling cost on any replacement copies.

Final Stretch Goal and Future Projects: As you may recall, I still have one more stretch goal (a 16+ page supplement) to produce for this Kickstarter. As I’d mentioned during the Kickstarter, expect it to take me a minimum of 3+ months to write, design,and distribute. After that, the Kickstarter will be 100% complete, but I still plan to release other supplements and digital editions whenever I can, including a small free quickstart PDF version. I’ll be announcing those here, as well as on the website and various social media outlets. I’m also planning to release a softcover print-on-demand version in the future, but since print-on-demand can’t usually handle the comic book trade paperback size (6.625″ x 10.125″) that I like and used for the hardcover, I’ll have to retool the layout (for 7″ x 10″) – so that may take a while until I can find the time.

Reviews: There’s a nice review of the Corporia PDF from Geek Native, which you can read by following this link. I did get a little knife in the gut when he mentions looking forward to the glossy pages, which the book won’t have (see my apology in the last update), but otherwise it was well received. I hope to see more reviews and discussions on rpg websites and forums, so please feel free to go out there and talk about it!

Erratum: Now, onto the ‘good news, bad news’ department – I have some erratum to announce. I distinctly remember checking all these, so I don’t know how these slipped in, but there they are – ready to annoy me from here to eternity. Please note that these have been corrected in the PDF copy, so if you re-download your copy from DriveThruRPG you’ll receive the updated version.


Corporia Erratum

PAGE 6: Table of Contents

“Page 24 | Miscellaneous Rules” should be “Page 25 | Miscellaneous Rules”

“Page 80 | Equipment” (on the ‘girl with guns’ image) should be “Page 102 | Equipment”

PAGE 110: Page Footer

“110 | Table 4.5: Shields” should read “110 | Table 4.5a: Shields”

PAGE 129: Tab

The first line of the second paragraph under “Medical” is indented one tab too far.


Okay, that’s it! I look forward to your comments.


Mark Plemmons


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