We are Funded!

We not only reached the funding goal for Corporia yesterday, but even unlocked two stretch goals: bookmark/reference cards for Knight+ backers, and a new supplement for Hacker+ backers! I have to confess, I wasn’t sure we’d make it until the last couple of days. I’d heard that Kickstarter projects tend to have most funding occur at the beginning and the end, but you have to actually experience it to believe it.

The Corporia RPG cover!

The Corporia RPG cover!

Now that the Kickstarter’s funded, I’m back to working on the production side of things, like getting the backer survey ready, working with higher-level reward backers, and putting the playtest together.

And speaking of the beta playtest – everyone who backed at Hacker level and above should now have received a Kickstarter message with directions for the PDF download and the forums, but to be sure I also posted it in a backer update. So if you’re a backer, check those out!

The playtest is scheduled for (roughly) 60 days, and will end on Friday, February 7th. I expect that the final PDF will be ready within a week or two after that, and the production files will go off to the printer around the same time. I can’t wait!  🙂

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