38 Hours and Counting!

We’ve gotten a nice surge since yesterday’s update, and Kicktraq is estimating at 93% now, so we’ve still got time to reach our final goal! Woohoo!

I’ve already linked to Epic Turn’s previous “Kickstarter Watch” of Corporia, but the guys were also kind enough to have me on as a guest on their newest episode #18, “Knights in Shining Armani”. This was a fun episode, and since Tim and Bryan also happened to have a copy of the alpha playtest version, the conversation goes in various directions that you might not have heard if you’ve already listened to me on other podcasts.

Now let’s talk about the Lister. I originally had this archetype in the supplemental material, but I swapped it with the “Drone” shortly before the Kickstarter launched. The Drone as written then just didn’t stand apart enough from the Radical and the Zero, and needed a retooling. Fortunately, I had the Lister ready to take its place, and since the similar “Rockerboy” was a classic Cyberpunk character, I thought the Lister would be a good fit for the core rules. Check out the full text on the Kickstarter update #27 page!



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