70 Hours and Counting!

We’ve got just under three days to go, and Kicktraq has us estimated at 85% funded, but with enough of a last-minute surge we can still make it, so don’t give up hope! If you can help out with a daily tweet or web post on your social media or favorite rpg forums, it’ll really help spread the word.

And speaking of spreading the word, there are two new helpers I wanted to mention. One is the Rogue Princess Squadron website, where you can read a new interview with me! The other is the Chippewa Valley Geek’s special podcast bulletin #1, with aCorporia interview starting at 17:15! So if you’re still undecided about whether to back, or you just want to get some more information about Corporia from some great sites, be sure to check them out!

Last night, I also added a new $75 reward (Crusader) limited to only 13 backers! By now, hopefully you’ve seen at least one of the sample archetypes, and noticed that each one includes a sample character. Well, this reward lets you name that character! The name will appear in the sample character’s statistic block.

Of course, since there are only 13 archetypes, some sample characters will become unavailable as this level fills. Feel free to send me a message if you want to know what characters are left before you pledge, and I will respond as soon as possible – but it wouldn’t be fair for me to “hold” a character for anyone, so it will be “first pledged, first served.” 

Also, as a treat, I’m planning to add a new tongue-in-cheek Flux mutation (see image below) for the $11,000 reach goal, and this monster will not appear in the core book or other backer reward PDFs! I figure most backers are probably also fans of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and will really appreciate this one…

Killer_Rabbit copy


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