Highlights (not) for Children!

I’ve done several significant bits of editing on the Corporia Kickstarter page lately, in an effort to bring in more backers before the 8 AM funding deadline on the morning of December 4th.dreamstimefree_1166093

One is to show a ‘flip-thru’ video of all the pages, and the other is to point out some highlights:

  • One simple, unified game mechanic for all abilities, including fighting, spellcasting, and hacking!
  • All characters can join the Hacker in virtual conflicts; no one gets left out!
  • Spellcasters can cast whatever they can imagine, limited only by their skill rank in any of eight schools of magic – and all 64 sample spells can be easily modified at will!
  • Four personality traits keep situations interesting and provide points for permanent and temporary improvements, supplementing the core dice mechanics without becoming the main aspects!
  • Metal melee weapons are more effective against monsters than firearms, keeping swords and daggers relevant even in a future of X-Calibre energy pistols and glowing raypiers!
  • An innovative, modern design style in a book full of page-turning concepts!

Hopefully these two updates, along with other web promotions, will help get us to the $13000 goal that’s only 8 days away! So, if you made it to this blog without knowing about the Kickstarter, please drop by the page and check it out! Every little bit helps!

And thanks!

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