Chatting with Sorcerers and Improving Kickstarter Goals

If you missed me on last night’s rpgnet chat, you can see the full log posted on the Corporia_sorcererHardboiled GMshoe’s Office. It was a nice crowd with some good questions. In my Q&As, I keep getting the “how is it like Shadowrun?” which is tough for me to answer since I’ve never actually played Shadowrun, but I do my best!

There’s also a short new Q&A on the Geek Native site, with a few interesting, challenging questions that don’t often get asked. It also featured the first look at this piece of new art for the Sorcerer archetype that didn’t arrive in time to be included with the original press packet.

And, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the main page, you’ll see that I’ve reduced the $7500 goal to only $7000, so we’re even closer to making that now! Once we break that, I’ll add something else at $9000! Any suggestions?


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