Giant Fire Breathing Robot!

No, it’s not a new monster for my Corporia rpg Kickstarter, but you’re close! I was Robotfortunate enough to be interviewed on the Giant Fire Breathing Robot podcast episode 181 to talk a little bit about Corporia! It’s a fun podcast that covers games, geekery, movies, and more, and talking with Andrew and Ashley was a great way to spend a relaxing evening. Check it out!

And speaking of relaxing, my 40th birthday was only a couple of days ago, and to celebrate my wife not only secretly brought in my best friend from 600+ miles away, but also let me pick a fun place to celebrate – Three Dots and a Dash, a new tiki bar in downtown Chicago. Hanging out with a small group of friends there was a lot of fun, and I managed to get through five awesome drinks on the menu! Oddly, most of my pictures came out too blurry for posting….

Of course, now the party weekend is over, and it’s back to work on the Corporia Kickstarter, for which I just announced a new $7500 bonus goal! Once we hit $7500 funding, I’ll provide a bonus player character archetype for all Citizen (PDF) and higher-level backers: the OUTCAST! This archetype will feature an other-dimensional demonic humanoid, fallen or banished through one of the Flux’s chaotic anomalies to land in the mega-corporate metropolis of the Corporia rpg! (This item will be added to the supplement PDF but will not appear in the core book.)


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