Corporia has launched!

As of yesterday, Corporia has launched on Kickstarter! We’ve already passed 15%, and I’ve love to break into those stretch goals, so here’s hoping! If you haven’t already, please check it out!


Oddly, yesterday’s blog post about the launch has disappeared, but that just means you get two news items for the price of one!

Here’s a bit of a monster description from the Cryptids section of Chapter 6: Game Mastery, written as an entry from the Knightwatch database. (The art for this creature isn’t ready to show yet, but it’s essentially a human whose face is being slowly transformed into metal! Creepy.)

SYNTH: Heavily augmented individuals, or those with a strong predilection to logic, may suffer from Synthflesh, a peculiar opportunistic infection. It initially presents beneficially, with increased resistance to physical and toxicological damage, and the elimination of any diseases and other viral infections. However, the individual also suffers an increasing inability to smell, taste, recognize objects and sensations through touch, and discriminate temperature. The infection then manifests a metallic rash that spreads to cover the entire body. Transformation into a ‘synth’ frequently results in multiple mental disorders, including: dermatillomania, agorophobia, depression, and psychosis (a murderous hatred of flesh). In the 2d4 weeks that follow, synths may be responsible for much violence before the final stage (catetonia) occurs.

Watch for more previews in the coming 30 days as the Kickstarter launch continues!

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