Two More Weeks!

Corporia prototype cover and interiors

Wow – it’s hard to believe it’s only two more weeks (Nov 2!) until the Corporia RPG launches on Kickstarter!

Thanks to some good advice from Ross Watson (of Accursed and many other gaming products), I took a few hours this weekend to make a few small but significant changes to the text – primarily, clarifying the nature of Corporia.

Corporia is offered to the reader with options for both a ‘sandbox’ (aka open world) game and for an overarching metaplot (with six adventures included). However, my introductions to these concepts weren’t quite as strong as they could have been, so I rewrote them to better explain the available options and provide more information about the nature of the Flux and the ‘big bads.’

My main task this week is to complete the ‘press kits’ and get those emailed out to select bloggers and press on the following week. If you have any bloggers or RPG/book-related websites that you really like – and that you think would like Corporia – please feel free to let me know!

And don’t forget, you can also follow updates from myself and Brabblemark Press at the following social media sites:

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