Approaching Launch Window!


It’s decided! The Corporia RPG will launch on Kickstarter on Saturday, November 2nd, at 8 AM CT.

Now, you may be wondering, how did I decide on that particular day and time? The day was easy – I wanted to give myself at least three weeks writing press releases and figuring out who to send them to. I also needed time for reaching out to podcasters (who may be recording in advance) and other industry folks to get the word out on the street. Also, I have some business meetings in late October that can’t move, and I didn’t want to deal with those during the funding.

As for the timing, I studied dozens of articles and Kickstarter launches over the last year, and watched when most gamers seem to be active online. Surprisingly (to me at least), it’s on the weekend. Launching on the morning of Saturday, November 2nd means that the 30-day funding period should end after 30 full days on Monday, December 2nd – and that time period includes five weekends rather than four! I was a little worried about running the funding period so close to Christmas, but I’ve seen other successful launches that were much closer, and it also allows me to suggest the book as a Christmas present. Although it won’t ship in time for Christmas (there are 60 days of beta playtesting that follow the launch), I’ll be able to send out Christmas present e-mails for backers who want them for their ‘giftees.’

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis, but if you want immediate updates whenever they happen, you should ‘like’, ‘friend’, or otherwise follow me on my various social network sites (listed below). I look forward to talking with you there!

Corporia RPG community (Google+)

Brabblemark Press (Facebook, Google+, and twitter)

Brabblemark website ( – coming soon!


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