In Business!

Yep, the city business license for Brabblemark Press arrived in the mail this week! It’s still not officially registered with the county clerk, since the legal notice first has to appear in a local paper for three consecutive weeks, but it’s a good start!

Once I get the Amazon Payments account verified, then I’ll be able to begin the Kickstarter approval process and set a start date for the project. Right now I’m thinking the best day will be around November 5th (ominously three days before my 40th birthday), so I can spend a month working on promotion. On the other hand, if all the setup breezes through quickly, I may start it earlier. I don’t want to run too close to Christmas, since potential backers may be distracted by the holiday.

I also started a public Google+ community today, specifically for Corporia, so if you’re already on Google+, I’d love it if you’d join!

I also posted the Corporia cover on my various social media this week. I’m very proud of the way it turned out – and I’m looking forward to posting some interior page previews soon!

The Corporia RPG cover!

The Corporia RPG cover!

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