Spinning a Web

Okay, infodump time! Here’s my latest summary on what’s happening with Corporia.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time lately polishing up Corporia, buying some art and cleaning up graphics while I wait for one more printer quote to arrive. I’ve also been working on getting all my promotional pages ready to go, since it looks like I will probably be going live with the Kickstarter sometime in early November (watch this space for promotions starting in October!).

My company name I’m doing business as is Brabblemark Press, for which I’ve set up both Facebook and twitter accounts. I’ve also got a friend who kindly agreed to set up a web page for me (in progress; more on that later). I’ll be promoting Corporia from those as well as my personal accounts, but I’m planning on having special previews and promotions for each one, so get in on the ground floor and follow them all now!

You can even get a sneak peek at the cover on the Facebook page!

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