Ruling it in

I’m pleased to say that, even with my free time severely curtailed (see my last post…), Corporia is still moving forward. Right now I’m working on the final round of edits, going back through each page and refining, adding, and replacing text where needed. For instance, I’ve done almost a complete overhaul of the sample spells, the weapon augments, and weapon damage, among other items, in order to keep the characters from becoming too powerful too quickly.
In an effort to encourage the look and feel of ‘knights in shining Armani’, melee weapons in the hands of Knight-Errants (reincarnated knights from the court of Camelot) deal critical damage when the max number on a die is rolled. Of course, the knight character must continue to follow the Knight’s Code, or he loses this free ability. This supernatural ability is also available for purchase during character creation, provided the character has points to purchase supernatural assets.
I’ve also changed combat a little bit in order to avoid the ‘death spiral’. If you’re not familiar with the term, the death spiral is when a character suffers cumulative wound penalties (usually to attack and defense). Of course, every wound then means that the character gets easier to wound… Thus, I’m keeping my wound penalties for hit location, but the penalties only affect the character during the time after the combat is over and before the wounds are healed. During the fight, the PCs are boosted by adrenalin and instinctively draw more power from the Flux, so they don’t notice these penalties until they ‘come down’ from the ‘combat high.’
I think these two changes alone make a big difference for the better, but I’m eager to hear what you think!

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