Time to begin

Surprisingly, this has been the hardest blog post I’ve ever had to write. I’ve actually been avoiding it. Not because anything is wrong, but because nothing I say could possibly summarize my experiences and emotions over the last two months. I feel like whatever I say will be giving short shrift to the event.
As a professional writer, you’d think that I should be able to dash off a thousand words quickly, even if I am a reserved person who doesn’t want to blurt his emotions out all over the page, and you’re right – I could type out some trite comments about new parenthood that you’ve no doubt heard before, but that just doesn’t appeal to me. However, I’d also feel strange if I ignored it and just moved on to tell you about my latest work on the Corporia project.
With that in mind, here’s the simplest of all summaries to cover the last two months, in chronological order:





Maybe that’s taking the easy way out, but I can’t say I feel bad about it…


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