On the Grind

My latest home renovation blog post is up, so be sure to check that out.

 All continues to go well with the upcoming arrival of Baby P, but there’s not much ‘new news’ to report on that topic. I’m just trying to get that other room renovated so all the piles of stuff in the baby room can be moved back to it, and we can start putting together the baby furniture and getting her room ready to go.

In other news, my birthday is this week, so we’re celebrating at the Firkin, one of my favorite little hangouts. I also have a fancy new electric coffee pot – with built-in grinder! – from my lovely wife, and several bags of coffee beans my mother shipped me from Smoky Mountain Roasters, in NC. (So expect my next few posts to be well-caffeinated.)
On the Corporia front, I’ve been making minor tweaks and waiting to hear back about publication – and just in case, I’m working on prepping a Kickstarter release as well. (Remember, if you want to playtest, just drop me an email, and I can send you a link to the current PDF draft with near-final layout and art.)  I’ve also got an exclusive (text-only) open playtest in the Design forum at theRPGsite, where I’m slowly posting new sections from each chapter, so feel free to head over there and read that too!
Oh, and if for some reason you want to rob a (blood) bank – check out this appropriate disguise I spotted at Games Plus

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