Those of you who are keeping track might notice that I’ve updated the menu links at the top of this page – and added a forum! If you’re currently beta-playtesting Corporia, feel free to use it now, but its final intent is for the ‘gamma testers’ from what I expect will be an upcoming Kickstarter release.
Unlike a lot of other Kickstarter projects, I’m trying to get as much writing, editing, layout, and other special ‘stretch goal’ features completed before putting it up on Kickstarter. That, combined with a lot of house renovation I’m trying to get finished before the baby arrives, means I’ve been a little slack on posting lately. Sorry about that!
I also had a short business day trip to NOLA (New Orleans, LouisianA), where I spent my few free hours ambling through the French Quarter. Other than a couple of little souvenirs – including the powdered sugar that ended up all over my black shirt, thanks to the beignets at Cafe du Monde – I only came back with a few photos – but if miscellaneous vacation pics are the sort of thing you like, then you just might like these! (And yes, I even found zombies…)

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