Plotting the Meta Used Book Renovation

As you can see from my house blog, it’s been a busy week. Otherwise, I’ve spent my spare time chasing cats off the table, polishing up my Corporia RPG project, and working my way through a stack of books picked up at a used book store last December, but buried and forgotten about until now.

So far, my Corporia metaplot has been well received by those who’ve seen it, which makes me happy. I can’t delve too much into it here (‘spoilers’) but it’s a series of short adventures in the Game Mastery chapter. These adventures can be dropped into an ongoing campaign in order to provide an overall storyline – and eventually even a ‘final battle’ that can serve as the end of a campaign. I think it’s a novel idea to provide an ‘ending’ to a role-playing game, where the object is usually to have an infinite number of possible adventures and to keep the players hooked on that game and no others. My approach, however, is to provide an option for the game master who wants to wrap up their Corporia campaign and move on to something else. Of course, those who want to experience the climax and still keep playing beyond it can do that too.

As for my stack of books, I’ve mostly dipped back into the well of authors that I appreciate, but haven’t caught up on everything they’ve written. Right now I’m really enjoying Steven Saylor’s Roma, while taking a short break from Jack McDevitt’s ‘Alex Benedict’ series, having read three of his books in a row (the ‘disaster movie’ epic Moonfall, plus two Alex Benedict novels – the excellent Seeker and the decent Echo.) I believe the only ‘Benedict novel’ I haven’t read yet is Firebird, and I’m tempted to hold off on that for a while just so I know there’s still one I haven’t read.

Next… I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll switch genres again and go over to my other favorite – mystery – and settle down with my newest old book from Ngaio Marsh.

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