A Surplus of Everything

And… I’m back!
After a sewer backup in the basement, sickness, and an in-law reunion, my weekends have been quite full lately – and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down any time soon. 

Especially after early February 2013.

 The Corporia RPG project is still moving along, slower than I’d originally intended, but still forward! I believe I’d underestimated how soon it would all be wrapped up, since it was so much easier to spend time on the project while I was out of work. Yes, mostly it’s just filling in some text holes and final design work, but I’ve got so much house renovation to get done in a limited time that it’s taking up a lot of my writing time. Why?

Did I mention February 2013?

Still, I’m confident I’ll be able to wrap up the book well before then. I could still use some more playtesters, though… (Hint, hint.)


2 thoughts on “A Surplus of Everything

  1. HBKnight

    If you’re looking for more playtesters I would be happy to help out. My gaming group doesn’t meet as often I would like but I’m sure I could a couple of the guys together for some impromptu Corporia.

    1. plebotamus Post author

      Sounds great! I’d love to get your feedback. You should remind me of your real name and not just your screen name though – my memory sucks. 🙂

      You can email me at (remove the spaces):

      consulting designer @ gmx.com

      and I’ll give you the private link to the PDFs.



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