Stray words, stray cats

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a fairly productive weekend here.
I completed some minor house upgrading – which you can see on my house blog – as well as some significant work on Corporia. I dropped my overly-large font size by a point and removed some unnecessary art and spacing, which allowed me to cut 16 pages from the total length (now down to 192!) and provided room for some other sections I was short of space for. I even added a couple of pages to the Gamemastery chapter, detailing secrets behind several of the megacorporations.
I’m still not happy with the page design of the in-world NPC/monster section which, like the ‘spell list report’ and ‘equipment periodical’ (the first draft cover of which you can see at the end of this previous post), is an in-world document. I browsed a few magazines at the grocery store in hopes of getting some design ideas, but nothing grabbed me. This particular design really should wait until I’ve finished all the writing, but it’s hard to not toy with it.
I also spent some time hanging out with ‘our’ outdoor stray, Stanley. He’s starting appearing regularly again, after disappearing for weeks – probably because we’ve realized he likes wet food instead of dry. Here are some good photos I managed to take while he was in a contemplative mood:

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