A Dragon Ate My Buick

No doubt you’ve noticed a significant drop-off in the number of my posts recently. There’s no particular reason other than offline activities getting in the way, though I admit I have been struggling with finding something to write about. My work on Corporia lately has mostly been polishing and filling in gaps throughout; I haven’t had any major changes or breakthroughs to report on.
I did decide to drop the Juvie concept that I mentioned a while ago. It just didn’t seem to fit well with the main theme, though I’m sure I’ll bring it back later in a separate supplement or freebie. Instead, I compiled all the Knight-Errant information and made it the only 4-page concept. This is partly because I’ve gotten some playtester feedback lately about emphasizing the magic/Chaos vs science/Order aspects of the setting (and the Knight-Errant is perhaps the examplar of the struggle between the two), and partly because the information was simply too scattered.
I’ve also thrown in a few new purchasable Assets that allow players to gain a bonus when using magic or science, but with significant penalties when using or faced with the opposing force. Likewise, adding magic resistance to armor isn’t a matter of inscribing pentagrams and other arcane symbols, but inscribing scientific equations instead.
I’ve also been working on reducing the cryptids section from 1 monster/page to 2/page, and giving them a ‘combat statistics block’ in addition to the basic abilities. The last two pages of this section will also include a few sample magic items. The latter focuses on what D&D players would call ‘artifacts’ since these items are all antiques from the late Roman Empire.  Well, most of them are, anyway. I may have some exceptions, and may even have some (or all) of the magic items be the embodiments of their ancient forms, though not the same ones – much like the knights-errant themselves. 
Still no final word from the publisher, so I’m going to have to bug him again this week and see if there’s been any update on the status since our last brief conversation.

One thought on “A Dragon Ate My Buick

  1. dragonlairdgaming

    I hear you about the offline activities. I’ll be on business travel this week, but hopefully, I’ll get a chance to read through the new update some evening. Looking forward to it.


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