All Keyed Up

As you might expect, I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of technology lately – and how to blend science and magical abilities in the same Corporia character types. I’m not aware of any RPG that’s done it effectively, other than making a standard artificer/mad scientist class. That’s roughly what I did for the Thinker concept as well (assuming the player wants to add on the Magus ex Machina asset), though I’m still considering other options.
On a related note, I can’t say I’d be unhappy to have a miniaturized version of my car remote subdermally implanted. After all, our Prius doesn’t really require a physical key, though it has one as a backup. The car unlocks automatically by sensing when the remote is close enough, combined with when I put my hand around the outer door handle. I don’t even need to take the remote/key out of my pocket to start the car. It’s a very strange feeling that I still haven’t quite gotten accustomed to.
But back to Corporia… I’m planning to include a short adventure in the book, but hadn’t come up with anything that really seemed to fit the setting. Today, though, it just popped almost fully-formed out my head, like one of Zeus’ children. I won’t reveal all the details here, of course, but suffice it to say that it’s called “The Lady in the Lake” and involves an unclothed female corpse with the phrase “Arthur Rex” carved into the torso…

2 thoughts on “All Keyed Up

  1. HBKnight

    Those NFC keys are like magic aren’t they? Believe it or not but Ford (yep, the car company) earlier today announced an app that works like that but for your passwords. Using your smartphone’s Bluetooth, it will signal Chrome when you’re near your PC and automatically log you into your accounts, logging you out when you move the phone away from the computer. It’s still in beta, and there are obvious security concerns to iron out, but it’s a really neat concept.


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