A Ramblin’ Man

Well, I just finished recording my appearance on an upcoming episode of the Jennisodes gaming podcast, which was a lot of fun. Talked a bit about Corporia (which I think I rambled far too much on; should have prepped my outline better), and a lot about self-publishing and printing options. That should be out within the next two or three weeks, so I’ll keep you posted.

And speaking of Corporia… No news yet from the publisher I’ve been speaking with, but it being convention season, I’m not going to bug him for another week or so. In terms of rules, I’ve made lots of minor tweaks lately, but also one significant change.  When creating a character, you get to choose the degree to which your character’s been affected by the Flux (touched, gifted, or fluxed), which determines how many points you get for core values, skills, general assets, and supernatural assets. If you are merely Touched by the Flux, you get 14 points for core values, 20 points for skills, and 10 for assets. If you are, as I say, completely ‘Fluxed’, you get 10 for core values, 14 for skills, 10 for general assets, and another 10 for supernatural assets (like spellcasting). It’s a bit like the old Witchcraft RPG, if you’re familiar with that. I think it helps balance out the sorcerer and the witcher, compared to the other classes, to a greater degree.

(And speaking of rules, I can definitely use some more playtesters, so feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested.)

In home and life news, my wife and I bought a (light green) 2008 Toyota Prius this weekend. It’s loaded with all the bells and whistles except for leather seats (which is fine with me), but we happened to catch it just after a price drop, so we got a good deal on it. Sadly, I didn’t notice until afterwards that it has a clear tape-covered golfball-sized hole in one of the rear lights, and the salesman just shrugged his shoulders and kept telling me what a great deal I got anyway. It was a very frustrating end to a nice experience, particularly after he’d said how the dealership (Classic Toyota in Waukegan, in case you want to know who to watch out for) always makes sure cars are in good shape before they go off the lot. We’d promised ourselves we’d buy from CarMax instead of a dealer, but couldn’t pass up that Prius when our other car was over 200,000 miles and I was spending two hours a day in it. The Prius will offset our gas budget significantly, and make up for about half the car payment, which made even facing off with a dealer worthwhile.

Finally, our stray cat Stanley came back for less than an hour tonight. Hung out, got some canned food, crawled into my lap and got some petting, hung out some more, then left. Time to hit the next house on his list, maybe…


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