Assets and Cats

No doubt you’ve noticed, if you’re one of the persons who’s following my musings, that the blog’s been a bit silent over the last week or so. Well, there hasn’t really been anything recent that I consider super blogworthy – just real life getting up to its usual tricks. I had a business trip to Vermont, a cousin’s wedding in North Carolina, a backyard grilling in Illinois, and a cheese festival in Wisconsin, so I feel like I’ve barely sat down in the last couple of weeks.
I’m still working on Corporia in my spare time, of course,while I wait to hear back from the potential publisher. There’s constant tweaking, polishing, and editing going on, but I haven’t added anything big, new, and splashy. I did give each class concept its own unique asset (feat, edge, talent, whatever you might call it in other role-playing games), rather than just giving free assets to the unique knight-errant, hacker, and ‘caster concepts. Of course, you can still combine most concepts with each other, like a knight-errant/hacker or a headhunter/witcher, but you only get one asset, not both. Most of them can also be bought separately during character creation, if you’re willing to spend the points.
We also had a surprise return visitor at the house. Stanley’s back – for the third time. After the last time I posted about him, he disappeared again immediately, and if it hadn’t been for my camera, I wouldn’t have been entirely convinced he wasn’t some sort of kitty illusion… He’s been hanging out in the yard over the weekend, being his usual friendly self and even climbing into my lap last night, though he doesn’t look as well-groomed as the last time I saw him. He’s obviously gone back to being a 100% ‘outside cat’. I feel like I should trap him again and get him to the no-kill shelter where he can be loved and cared for, since we can’t keep him ourselves, but he’s already escaped and come back from that before, so I’m not sure it would be helpful.  The other strays haven’t been around lately, though we’ve been putting out food as usual. It seems like Stanley goes away and the others come back, so I guess we’re just rotating through the strays as they travel some sort of weird cat migration pattern…  We’ll see how it goes.

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