Corporia: Printing and Publishing

I’ve gotten a lot of material knocked out in the last week, so the book is nearly finished, barring a couple of pages of writing, plus editing and polishing based on playtester comments and my own changes. 

Now, some bigger news: I’d planned on a Kickstarter ‘beta playtest-to-print’ in June, but as of yesterday I’m in discussions with one of my favorite publishing companies about taking on the game in print. Thus, I’m putting the brakes on the Kickstarter release until those plans are either firmed up or cancelled. Writing and editing and polishing and blogging will continue in the meantime, of course.

I’d love to actually get Corporia released with a strong publishing company so the book can remain in print beyond the initial Kickstarter release, and get into gaming stores. I could have a print-on-demand option online, of course, but with a full-color, design-heavy book like mine, the cheapest printing option is to print a decent quantity with a local publishing company and ship them out myself. Otherwise the potential price point could be $50+, and I’d like to keep it $20 to $25 lower than that. And neither of those options will get it into stores (though if you know of something that might help, please tell me).

One problem with do-it-myself is, if I print the books locally, I still have to deal with the shipping and any extra printing overage. Setting up my own online website and store could work, but that’s a lot of tech work that I don’t think will be easy for me. There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about long-term goals beyond PDF-only. I plan to talk more about this on an upcoming guest spot on the Jennisodes podcast, a fun gaming podcast that I listen to every week, so keep your ears open for that.

As I said above, regardless of what happens, I’ll continue to work on the book, and blog about it here. I still have to write up the one-page adventure, finish the character sheet, finish the NPC/cryptid stats, and various art placement and design.

And speaking of which, I’m really pleased with the art I’ve been able to acquire so far. I think it really establishes the look and feel of the setting. For instance, check out the rough version of page 1 (pardon the watermarks and such; not all of the art is final yet). Cool, hunh?

Corporia, page 1 draft

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