Corporia Sub Rosa

Yesterday I took a few minutes in between editing, making salsa for today’s contest at work, washing clothes, doing dishes, and cleaning house, and planted some rose bushes! You can see the results on my house blog: Associated Fugues.

I hope to finish the Gary Gygax/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Adventures Dark and Deep editing project for its author, this week, and then get back to the Corporia RPG so I can knock it out by June 1st. It’s a slightly ambitious goal, now that I haven’t touched it for three weeks, and moreso because I’ve thought up at least two or three new concepts for it that I’m fairly impressed with. They should increase the fun for the players, while making things even easier for the GameMaster, and you can’t ask for much more than that. I’ll delve more into that later, so stay tuned.


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