Impossible Ghost Protocol

This post has nothing to do with Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible movie. Well, not very much; today’s title was mostly inspired by the way the title currently appears on my local video store’s marquee. (Incidentally, that reminds me of some humorous photo that was making its way around the internet a few years ago: a theater marquee with “My Dog Skip,” “Screwed,” and “Erin Brockovich” – in that order, of course. But I digress…)

I’m still working my way through the editing process for “Adventures Dark and Deep: A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore,” Joe Bloch’s very cool ‘what if?’ re-imagining of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as it might have been written by D&D co-creator Gary Gygax had he remained with the company (based on Gary’s public writings on the subject over decades).  Naturally, that’s taking up a great deal of my free time, but I’m making good progress, and should be finished within another week or two. Then I can get back to Corporia (my dystopian utopia with a Cyberpunk-y/Shadowrun 0.5 feel), and hopefully wrap it up as Kickstarter beta by the first of June.

Otherwise, the only slightly unusual event to occur lately revolves around the new carpet that’s being installed at the Academy. No, really… Amazingly, the installers actually lift the pods (cubicles), install the carpet, and set the pods back down. The row where I sit is a four-deep/two-wide row of connected pods, but except for my water bottle lying on its side on my desktop, the fact that I had to turn my computer back on, and of course the new carpet, you’d never know anyone had been there.

I keep waiting for Tom Cruise to come out of a closet in full MI gear and yell “Surprise!” … but that’s another conversation altogether.

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