More weird foods

Since I spent half of my last post on chicken-flavored suckers (which taste nasty, by the way: sort of like spicy lemon pepper), I thought I’d take the last few minutes of my lunch break to use the cool phone blogging app and show you a couple more…



I’m drinking the kombucha now. Tastes pretty much like the raspberry drink it’s supposed too, just a bit thicker. I barely even notice the seeds.

I didn’t buy the pork rinds, though. Even a southern boy like me (who grew up with pork rinds) has SOME standards.


One thought on “More weird foods

  1. topherforcongress

    At a former job, one co-worker loved the poppable pork rinds. The things smell like grilled roadkill–bad enough to the point where I had to leave work because I couldn’t work through the smell–and she was banned from bringing them again.


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