Corporia: Weird science

I promised you a Corporia RPG preview tonight, so I see I’d better get that posted before I drop off into Slumberland (no doubt soon to be a major motion picture with Woody Harrelson…).  Apologies for the lateness of the hour – if that even matters here on the interwebs – but I’m still adjusting to my new work schedule, where I have to get up two to three hours earlier than I used to.

So, to begin: With the ‘Flux’ manifesting strange energies, apparitions, mutations, creatures, and so forth, it’s natural that the corporations (and their scientists) are sitting up and taking notice. Thus enters the ‘Scigor.’ This concept is, as you’ll see, a combo of ‘scientist’ with Dr. Frankenstein’s ‘Igor’. (This is not the final name, since I’m concerned it’ll be pronounced as ‘scig-or’ rather than ‘sci-gor’…  Any name change suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve considered Labcoat and Brainframe, but those don’t feel quite right.)

I’d like to add a section of ‘mad scientist’ rules and inventions based on scientists trying to capture and master the Flux, even though I’m already 80 pages over my initial page count estimate. I may just create it as a PDF supplement, though my inner perfectionist protests at that. We’ll have to see how it goes.

As always, any comments (and shares!) are appreciated!


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