A Massive Effect, or XBox/Paper/Scissors

I started my new job today – which was a very satisfying feeling, particularly since I like the organization. Lots of HR and training this week, and hopefully some real work as well.

As a bit of a present, my wife talked me into picking up a new copy of Mass Effect 3 (though she didn’t have to talk too hard) for the XBox 360. I almost never buy a new game, usually waiting for them to go on sale or show up in the used bins, but the Dead Space and Mass Effect series are exceptions. Thus, I was really looking forward to getting in a couple of hours of playtime before bed last night. Of course, when I popped the disc into the drive, the console’s sporadic ‘unrecognized disc’ error became a permanent one.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how disappointing that was, especially since we can’t afford to go out and buy a new XBox right now. Mailing it in to Microsoft’s repair department, though cheaper, is actually more painful since we don’t have network or cable television access, but get all our video streaming through the Netflix and other services on the XBox.

Fortunately, I’d previously learned that YouTube is a great place to go for XBox fixes, and I found a kid who showed me how to fix it with a piece of paper, thus using very little mass to great effect… Awesome.

As soon as I’m finished downloading my additional content (which should be just a few moments away), I’ll be able to grab an hour or two of play tonight before bed. The hard part will be ensuring I keep working on my Corporia project and don’t get bogged down with the epic that is Mass Effect.

Regardless, I plan to have another Corporia preview for you tomorrow or Wednesday, so keep your eyes open for that!


One thought on “A Massive Effect, or XBox/Paper/Scissors

  1. hbknight

    Congratulations again on the new job and enjoy your treat. I started a new job last month and the old lady took me out to dinner and to update my wardrobe. Would have preferred a new board game but the neckties were nice too.


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