Witches and Wizards and Baths, Oh My!

Apologies for the lack of activity the last few days. I picked up a rough chest cold late last week and didn’t have much to say here other than “HACK/COUGH”.

Now that I’m upright, I’ve gotten back into the swing on the Corporia RPG project, and thought I’d give you a look at the concept for the Witch/Wizard.  They access different spell ‘schools’ than the sorcerers, and prefer natural spell components over artificial ones.

Corporia - Alpha Playtest - Witch/Wizard concept

I also posted our bathroom remodel on the current This Old House Reader Remodel contest page. Once they let me know it’s approved and up, I’ll post a link. There is an amazing amount of great competition, but you never know. We might stand a chance! 🙂


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