Corporia: Drone in the City

It’s amazing how easily ‘feature creep’ can expand a book’s page count, especially a role-playing game. I’d intended the tourist guide of ‘The City’ to cover maybe a half-dozen or so pages, giving a broad outline of the Corporia RPG’s setting and leaving most of the work to the GameMaster. Of course, then my brain starts churning out ideas for all sorts of locations, and the half-dozen pages becomes 32. ¬†Originally I hoped I’d be able to fill 128 pages; now it looks more like it will be 192!

Two of these pages feature the Drone, a character concept that (in terms of format) is much like some of the other concepts I’ve already previewed. The main change is that each concept will now include sample game statistics for players and GMs who don’t want to bother with character creation. While I had always planned on that, I hadn’t quite determined whether it would appear with the concept (on the art or the text) or in an appendix. Since I’d like to make each concept a simple two-page spread, without the reader having to flip back and forth, the statistics are going on the art.

the Drone concept

What do you think?


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