Corporia: City districts and neighborhoods

I’ve spent the last few hours adding to the ‘tourist guide’ that will be printed in the city chapter, as well as working on the map. Since the entire megasprawl has dozens of districts and hundreds of neighborhoods, it’s a bit time-consuming, even though I’m trying to limit the information to what’s necessary (with a bit of flavor) rather than overloading the reader. The main map will feature the central 19 or so districts. Beyond that will be open for the GameMaster to expand upon.

Here’s a little preview of the first two pages from the guide. Red text is, of course, not necessarily accurate yet. The art may change, too, if I can get something better.

Also in The City chapter will be information on paying for goods and services, public transport, roads, air travel, registration network, medicine, private security company subscriptions, worldnet access, and weather, to name a few…


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