Corporia: The City and who else but the Corporate

I’ve spent this evening writing up the history of the Corporia RPG setting, which is generically called The City. This is another section that I’ve had fleshed out in my head for months now, but still need to form into coherent thoughts.

The history of The City and how the mega-corp control came to pass is derived from several historical events. Primarily, of course, we have the Occupy Wall Street movement, the notion of corporate personhood, and the increasing privatization of what were formerly public services. To spur on the legislation for tamping down on civil liberties, I’m also drawing from various riots and similar events, like the Watts Riots, the Kent State shootings, Bloody Sunday, last year’s London Riots, and so forth.

Tomorrow I hope to sit down and write up basic information about the nature of technology, the natural and urban environment, and why the urban population just sort of settled down and didn’t rebel. More on that later…

For tonight, I thought I’d post an alpha-version preview of the Corporate. Like the other concepts I’ve posted, this is not a character ‘class’ but a type of sample individual that you can utilize as a basis for building your character.

The Corporate - Open Alpha Playtest

As always, comments, feedback, and sharing is appreciated.


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