Corporia: Maps and urban sprawl

And… I’m back! Sorry for the last few days’ absence. Lots of job search and housework stuff going on here.

In regards to the Corporia RPG, I’ve been mostly working on designing the city map while using my phone to listen to podcasts about posited future technology and other related things. The mapmaking takes up a lot of computer processing power, and the software I’m using is a little buggy, so I wanted to get as much done as possible before switching tasks.

I’ve had the map in my head for a while, but wanted to get a digital version ready to help with the ‘tourist guide’ – which has a good start, but still has a decent amount of text to fill in.

Since the game setting essentially takes place “12 seconds after tomorrow” there’s a bit of leeway as to the actual date, though I’m basing much of the technology and culture on the USA in about 30 years from now. The map, therefore, is very much a mega-sprawl with a central area of skyscrapers, then smaller buildings with other areas of skyscrapers spreading out from there.

I hope to post another preview tonight, so stay tuned…


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