Corporia: the Hacker

I’ve mostly been working on the Corporia RPG’s Assets chapter this evening, and pondering exactly what should be in there. Do the spellcasters need a Spellcasting asset, or should it be included in their caste description, but how does that factor in where the sample spellbook goes, or if the hacker then needs a Hacking asset – and so on…

As I’ve mentioned, Corporia has a very light and easy-to-use rules system, and hacking is little different. Even the hacker’s (or deckers, as you may know them from Shadowrun) ability to brain-dive into virtual reality and battle rogue Virtual Intelligences, as well as cracking codes and cyberwalls and other electronic devices, is no more difficult than any other character’s ability checks.

A common complaint among previous cyberpunk RPGs is that the hacker’s job is a solo one by nature – which leaves all the other players sitting around doing nothing, or forcing the GameMaster to invent a separate scenario that the hacker can do at another time.  Neither is really a good design solution, in my opinion.

In Corporia, however, hackers can create subroutines that are virtual avatars of their current companions. The other players can then play their avatar just as they would their normal character. No doubt there will be a little bit of playtest tweaking when the time comes, but so far I think the rules support it well.

Here’s a look at the basic non-rule portions of the Hacker concept. As always, please feel free to comment and share.

The Hacker


2 thoughts on “Corporia: the Hacker

  1. Heather O'Malley

    The Hacker looks good.

    Part of me thinks that you need to get the spellcast and hacker skills separate of the sort of caste sets as having some one who can pull off a little bit of hacking and thus might be able to assist the Hacker in something or a character who has one stupid spell they know and that’s it could always come in handy and give the characters complexity. Things would have to be able to incorporate something like that and handle situations where that is the case, but it might be a little thing that could push the heroes into success on a rough mission.

  2. plebotamus Post author

    Could be! I’m working on a point system for purchasing assets, but I need to figure out the best costs so as not to have ‘multi-classed’ hacker/sorcerer/knights-errant/etc.


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