Corporia: the Radical

Today I thought I’d post the Radical character concept for my upcoming Corporia RPG project. This is a fairly wide-ranging concept that can come from all levels of society, though of course there are few members (none) of the 1% that want to work for the kind of change the Radicals have in mind. After all, there’s fairly clean air and water, green energy, electric cars, and a job for everyone that can work (or so they say). Why fight the system?

I probably should note that this really isn’t intended to be a politically-themed role-playing game, though you can play it that way if you want. I’m just taking the current trends and extending them into a dys/utopian cyberpunk near-future. In many older works of cyberpunk games and fiction, it was Neo-Japan that ruled many of the mega-corps and thus the world. I’m focusing more on the corporations and giving the Blade Runner feel of cyberpunk a more post-modern design, and not focusing on foreign influences, while adding the return of King Arthur and magicks to upset the balance of power.

Any comments are welcome!


One thought on “Corporia: the Radical

  1. Heather O'Malley

    Looks good. They seem kind of basic, nothing about them leaps out at me, but if you have a game like this you have to have characters like that.


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