Corporia: the Journo, and a bit about kittens

I’m still working on filling in a lot of descriptive text for the character concepts, so I thought I’d share the ‘Journo’ with you today. I’ve been trying to give each concept its own unique slant, and I think this one turned out well. Of course, any comments to the contrary you have are appreciated – and, as always, feel free to share!

Corporia RPG - Open Alpha - the Journo

On a personal note, our kitten Moses was finally old enough to get neutered this week – which will calm the crazy little guy down a bit as well as stopping him from molesting the two older females and spraying the rugs as he gets older…  Great news – only now he has to wear a big plastic Elizabethan collar to keep him from licking/chewing away his stitches, and get daily pain meds for the next few days. The poor little guy is certainly more sedate during this recovery period, but the collar is monstrous and he keeps bumping into things, which I must admit makes my heart wince each time. Sigh. I can’t wait until this phase is over and all is back to normal…

Poor little guy.


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