Corporia: the Headhunter, or So THAT’S what I was looking for…

Some of you may know that I’ve been brain-wrangling about what to rename the Executive Assistant. I wanted something that said ‘corporate’ and ‘assassin’ at the same time and I’m slightly red-faced to admit it took me so long to think of it…

Take a look below for the (drum roll) Headhunter preview!

You’ll see I’ve also added a new category (Tropes) to the character concept descriptions. If you think of any great examples I’ve missed (preferably ones that the average hobby gamer will know of without having to do a lot of research), please comment.

Feel free to share the blog with your other gaming friends/forums. The more feedback and shameless marketing I can get, the better!  😉

Open Alpha Playtest Draft: the Headhunter


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