Corporia: the Pitch, or What you need to know about the Corporia RPG

I’ve discussed my new project, Corporia, in the last few posts, but I wanted to take a little space here to ‘pitch’ it to you and provide some more details. Share and enjoy!

What is it?

Corporia is a roughly 150-page, rules-light, urban fantasy, role-playing game set in a near dystopian future. It’s not based directly on any existing property or rules set, but if I had to compare it to other themes you might recognize, it’s what happens when you mix the Knights of the Round Table with a scoop of Torchwood, add a pinch of Cyberpunk, a dash of Angel (season 5 of the Joss Whedon tv show), a sprinkling of Shadowrun, and a spoonful of Mirror’s Edge.

What’s the background?

Protests against the rich and powerful end in riots, leading to a reduction in civil liberties and the expansion of corporate interests. In less time than was imagined possible, mega-corporations control the world. New technologies lead to clean air, water, and glittering skyscrapers overlooking well-maintained, orderly cities, but at the cost of freedoms once taken for granted. Workers who can’t pay their bills become indentured wage-slaves to the corporation, a cycle almost impossible to break. To the now-silenced 99%, it truly seems the hour of their greatest need.

Cue the legend. Whispers of King Arthur’s return from mystical Avalon begin to drift through the streets of The City – but who started them? Arthur himself is certainly nowhere to be seen. Even if the stories are true, the return of the King may have caused more trouble than it solves, for the forces of magic are also back, and growing stronger.

Wild tales of ghosts, undead, and other monstrous creatures begin to dominate the tabloids. In the vast computer networks, Virtual Intelligences are becoming self-aware, while underground students of magic are amazed to find that their spells actually work. Naturally, the mega-corporations race to master this potentially unlimited new energy source, forming special divisions to secretly contain any dangers these strange forces might pose.

Players can take on a variety of roles, including: hackers, spellcasters, reincarnated Knights-Errant, and professional men and women with heroic bloodlines that bestow greater-than-human abilities but also make them fugitives from the mega-corps. Sought out and gathered together by a mysterious organization, they take on quests that include defending the innocent, avenging the fallen, and eliminating magical threats, all while seeking out the missing King Arthur and beating the corporations at their own game.

What’s this Mark Plemmons guy done before now?

I have over 10 years of extensive experience in the hobby game industry, previously having served as: writer, editor, art director, project manager, and/or graphic designer for multiple award-winning brands, including: HackMaster, Aces & Eights, Knights of the Dinner Table, the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting (both the stand-alone and D&D-licensed versions) and several Dungeons & Dragons comic book series. Before that, I worked for 8 years in hobby game retail.

What do you want from me?

For now, I just hope you enjoy reading my blog and following my updates about the game as I work through the writing and design process. I’d like to hear any comments you have, and would certainly appreciate it if you’d tell your friends (and your favorite discussion forums) what you like about this project. Later, when the time comes to release the full PDF and book on the Kickstarter funding platform in a few months, I’d love to have your support!


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